Constellation is a suite of emerging media and technology learning spaces enabling UBC Okanagan students and faculty to push the boundaries of innovation and learning.


What is the constellation?

Much like looking at a constellation rather than a single star, the Constellation reimagines how we can use existing media and technology learning opportunities at UBC Okanagan to provide new pathways for interaction, exploration, learning, and discovery. These six unique spaces share the vision of empowering learning, supporting campus-wide access, and encouraging innovation.


Access state-of-the-art technology that supports student-initiated projects and experiential learning.


Get hands-on experience with emerging technologies to build, create, and explore new possibilities


Integrate emerging media and technology projects into courses and assignments to enhance learning.


Create digital and physical exhibits with unique simulations, prototypes, demos, and presentations.

Bring your project idea to life.

Get started with advice from UBCO Studios and the UBC Okanagan Library.

Constellation Spaces & Services

Explore the Constellation network to learn more about the exciting suite of media and technology learning services that can take your next project into the stratosphere. Spaces are available for use by all UBC Okanagan students and faculty.

Featured Space


The Sawchuk Family Theatre is a public and bookable space that gives the user access to a highly engaging 16-screen video wall.

  • Presentations
  • Media Showcases
  • Digital Gallery
  • Tours & Events


Visualization and Emerging Media Studio (VEMS)

The Visualization and Emerging Media Studio at UBC Okanagan is dedicated to exploring, developing and researching immersive media and emerging technologies. Utilize the video wall to rediscover how you engage with your audience, your team, or your data. Or use the space with state-of-the-art VR/AR accessories to discover new worlds of possibilities!

Use this space to:
  • Collaboration
  • Data Visualization
  • Immersive Experiences

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makerspaceUBCO is an open and welcoming space that provides
equipment, materials and project support for your design thinking needs. Able to support your personal or academic DIY journey from initial iteration up until final prototype, the space operates on a drop-in basis so there is no booking required during open hours. Maker stations available include: 3D printing, Imaging, Soldering, Textiles, & Hand Tools.
Visit us today to bring your ideas from digital into the physical world!

Use this space to:
  • DIY Projects
  • Prototyping
  • Design Thinking
  • Innovate

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Digital Design Lab & Sound Booth

The Digital Design Lab offers a quiet place to edit your digital project with technical support from UBC Studios Okanagan close by. Book the sound booth with acoustic treatment, professional mics, audio mixer, and iMac to produce the perfect audio project. Or use the two high-powered graphic workstations to develop virtual and augmented worlds with your VR/AR equipment.

Use this space to:
  • Audio Capture & Editing
  • Digital Design
  • Game Development
  • Podcasting

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Studio 123

Studio123 is a user-friendly studio equipped with simplified software, acoustic treatment, and recording hardware that is ready for high-quality capture. Use the supplied video camera and microphone, or professional voice-over mic to create stunning media or enhance any project you are working on.

Use this space to:
  • DIY Video Capture
  • DIY Audio Capture

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The Commons Service Hub has the gear for all your media creation needs. Loan gear to record a lecture, presentation, art project, and more for no cost. Book online or get your gear questions answered in person.

  • Video and Audio Equipment Loans
  • Expertise & Support


Library Design & Editing Stations

The Library Design & Edit suites offer access to the Adobe Creative Suite with the convenience of Library hours and access.

Use this space to:
  • Video and Audio Editing
  • Digital Design

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